Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Modes of life

Modes of life

Organisms have evolved to live in all enviroments. they live in various parts of the water column, on or in the sediment. They may hunt, scavenge or filter feed. they may swim ,float,crawl or remain fixed in one position.

Benthonic-  Organisms that live on or in the sea floor 

Infaunal-  Organisms that live in the sediment, usually in a burrow many will filter feed

Epifaunal-  Organisms that live on the sediment

Vagrant-  Organisms that move around of the sea floor

sessile- organisms that dont move aroun on the sediment

Pelagic-  Organisms lives in the water column

Planktonic- Floats in the water column to wherever the currents will take the organism

Nektonic-  Actively swims in the water comlumn. Most are scavengers or predators

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